Building an ADU in Vancouver Washington

What is an ADU?

Own a home in Vancouver Washington? Been hearing this term ADU come up? My ADU is happy to help. The city of Vancouver defines an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) as one or more rooms with a private bath and kitchen facilities comprising an independent, self-contained dwelling unit within or attached to a single-family dwelling or in a detached building on the same lot as the primary dwelling unit. An ADU is distinguishable from a duplex in that, unlike a duplex, it is clearly subordinate to the primary dwelling unit, both in use and appearance.
An ADU is legal only with an established building permit.

What applications are needed for an ADU?

If the proposed ADU is a new detached structure,  My ADU will submit the Residential – New Construction application (If attached, submit the Residential – All other applications). Both choices will require the submittal of the ADU Supplemental Application as well. My ADU is your local ADU expert and will handle the permitting process in the City of Vancouver for you.

Where can I build an ADU?

In Vancouver, Washington ADUs are allowed for limited uses in all residential zones (R-2, R-4, R-6, R-9, R-18, R-22, R-30, and R-35).

How many ADUs can I build?

Vancouver, Washington will allow only for one ADU to be created in conjunction with each single-family residence.

Are owners required to live on the property?

No.  This is why My ADU is perfect for real estate investors in Vancouver, Washington.

What are the size limitations for an ADU?

ADUs in Vancouver, Washington cannot exceed 800 square feet, or 50% of the square footage of the main home, not including the garage (whichever is less).

What about parking for an ADU?

No additional on-site parking is required in conjunction with establishing an ADU.

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