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Saturday, May 18

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ADU Building Process

How We Work

Initial Site Visit

Here we walk your property, discuss setbacks, model options, placement and utility connections. This is where we will confirm your eligibility for an ADU, and go over any special requirements your project may have. With this information, we can give you an accurate and unique estimate.

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The entire permitting process is handled by My ADU. This consists of putting together a permit packet, and making sure all the requirements are met by the municipality your home falls under. Items can include site drawing/plan, erosion control plan, storm water plan, engineering, utility connection plan and more!

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From initial site preparation and foundation to the finishing touches you’ve pre selected, My ADU handles your project through a conventional construction process, permitted and inspected by your local municipality for the highest level of safety and peace of mind.

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Just before building completion, the ADU is now ready for a final walk-through. Together we discuss finishing touches and any last minute concerns. With our certificate of occupancy from your local municipality you’re all set to move in.

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My ADU Services

What is an Accessory Dwelling Unit

To address the affordable housing crisis, state and local laws allow homeowners to build a second home on their residential zoned property, known as an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU). We know that can be a mouthful, so we prefer to call them backyard homes, which sounds a lot more inviting, don’t you think?

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Benefits of working with My ADU

We work, you earn

Traditionally Built to Code

We are stick building, from the ground up. Our process involves meeting building codes for family homes. This superior method increases safety and value.

Energy Efficient

The entire process is designed for energy efficiency. We utilize energy efficient products and energy star certified products. Resulting in a more comfortable energy efficient space.

Quick Installations

We’ve designed models with you in mind. Using local resources and suppliers, and our unique knowledge of the building industry, most homes have a ready to move in ADU in as little as 12 weeks.

About My ADU

Backyard Homes To Fit Your Family’s Needs

My ADU was founded as an answer to a growing demand in 2019. After 30+ years in business building custom homes, we saw the opportunity to bring a straightforward solution to those seeking quality and affordable housing options right in their backyard!

Through our experience in helping create hundreds of custom homes, we have learned the in’s and out’s of designing, permitting and building residential units. We are now bringing that expertise and one-stop-shop approach to Accessory Dwelling Units.

My ADU Reviews

What Our customers say

Parr Lumber Co. Contractor Sales

“We at Parr Lumber Company truly appreciate being the material supplier for the My ADU team. With any new project, we know that we will have the detailed information that we need for us to do our part as efficiently as possible. It has been rewarding and also very exciting to see how the My ADU company has grown and know it will continue to do so for many years to come.I would recommend Luke and his team to anyone interested – they won’t be disappointed!”” Jason Good

Unique and Aesthetic

“When we decided to build a granny flat in our backyard, we researched builders in the area and selected MyADU as our general contractor. It turned out to be an excellent choice for us. Luke Shaffer and the MyADU team provided high quality guidance and coordination from start to finish, astutely managing the permitting and building of our new unit, even through supply chain issues due to the pandemic. Using a designer recommended by MyADU, we designed a house that met our specific needs for housing aging parents while also fitting into the unique aesthetic of our main house and property. We’re all very happy with our new home and highly recommend MyADU!” – Steve and Tonya

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Frequently Asked ADU Questions

Find the right ADU for your needs.
See our line of ADU models. Or, fill out our contact form, and we’ll send you over a free property eligibility report, letting you know which models fit on your property and how we can get started.

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are separate, distinct living quarters built on traditionally single family residential lots. ADUs can be referred to as guest houses, mother-in-law units, granny flats, and backyard cottages.

My ADU has several models in varying sizes and shapes to fit most lots and budgets. Your quote will include all permits, installation costs, utility connections, trenching, appliances, and finishing touches. My ADU is a very cost effective option for adding a rental property, or additional living space for family to your existing home.

The existing service to typical single family residences is usually sufficient to support an ADU. In the event that your service is not, My ADU will work with you to upgrade the necessary service to support the ADU. The cost of upgrading water or sewer service or establishing upgraded electrical service is not included in My ADU’s standard model.

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