Job Openings at Shaffer, Inc.

Shaffer, Inc is a local and family business that utilizes over 30 years of building experience to design and develop quality custom homes with a variety of amenities and floor layouts in Vancouver and Clark County, WA. Over the past few years we have built a division of our business that focuses exclusively on Accessory Dwelling Units or “ADUs.” See our website for more information on our products. Our company is well-positioned in a growing market, and this role is part of the ground floor of something we are building for the future.

We are currently hiring a Bookkeeper to help with our growing business. As we expand, the need for additional office personnel has become a necessity to handle our current workload and free up staff to focus on other initiatives. We are looking for a detailed, reliable, practical and driven individual to help with daily accounting and bookkeeping activities. If you have experience in this type of work or role, please submit your resume and take our 10-minute assessment to see if this could be a fit!